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Vintage Plant Flower Stickers Tapes

Vintage Plant Flower Stickers Tapes

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Vintage stickers – where the magic of slow living meets the romance of the past, all in a washy tape embrace. 🌸💌🌿


Dive into the enchanting world of vintage style stickers, where the past dances on the edges of your pages like whimsical washy tape! 🌼🕊️ For the journaling aficionados and artistic souls, these stickers are the portal to crafting wonders and slow living serenity.

Unveil the "Flowers and Branches of Old Dreams," where faded petals and delicate birds whisper secrets of yesteryears.

"Reply in the Past" takes you back to the art of elegant script, a handwritten ode to nostalgia.

Embark on "An Adventure in Flowers," where lush purples and calming lavenders paint tales of forgotten meadows.

Feel the embrace of "Good Olde Days" with pastel pink roses, reminiscent of cherished moments.

"Moments Like This" unfurls blue and yellow vintage wallpaper, capturing fleeting memories in a dance of colors.

"Royal Stamps" transports you through Europe on a bed of Floral Telegrams.

Let these stickers adorn your creations, weaving a tapestry of beauty and poetry that sparks joy and inspiration.

Elevate your pages to artistry, as each sticker weaves a tapestry of beauty and poetry, painting a canvas of creativity.

Detail 🕊

Stickers, tiny bursts of joy! They add personality, enhance organization, and spark creativity. Express yourself effortlessly, brighten mundane moments, and transform any surface into a canvas of self-expression.

Fit Reference

An Adventure in Flowers - 30mm
Moments Like This - 30mm
Good Olde Days - 34.5mm
Reply in the Past - 40mm
Flowers and Branches of Old Dreams - 50mm
Royal Stamps - 50mm


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