Within Our Factories



They adhere to precise strict practices and values to make certain their factories are clean, engage in employee ware fare and conduct high standards to make sure it is a great work environment.

Who we work with

We do business with 20+ product suppliers who manufacture Garments for our brand. We do not limit ourselves to just one factory. Why? 

To get the most out of our Style, simply narrowing it down, We would not be able to supply you with the blend of what Nya rose wants to capture. Infusing Our Farm girl meets romantic fashion. We personally select each design that is added to our site, that way we know you are getting the true Nya rose eclectic piece. 


Having strong, long-term relations with our suppliers that are based on mutual trust and transparency is a priority At Nya Rose. 


We value our customers and are committed to passing on the transparency within our brand. 🐑


We are always on the look out for local, or in country Suppliers that meet our needs. Please contact us on our Careers page Here.