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Packets of Life Stickers

Packets of Life Stickers

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To use these stickers in your sticker journal, simply peel and place them on the pages that resonate with your current mood or aspirations. Each sticker acts as a portal to the slow living lifestyle, encouraging you to take a pause, reflect, and appreciate the richness of life's simple pleasures. As you fill your journal with these thoughtful stickers, you'll find yourself embracing a more intentional, mindful, and joy-filled way of living. So, slow down, immerse yourself in the present, and let the "Life's Escapes Sticker Pack" be your guide to the art of slow living.

Warm Sunshine (Yellow): Peel off the vibrant yellow sun sticker to infuse your journal with the warmth of a summer's day. Let it remind you to soak in the golden moments, relish the joy of the present, and appreciate the beauty in every ray of light.

Over Half of Summer (Green): Embrace the lush greenery of midsummer with stickers showcasing verdant landscapes and blooming flora. These green wonders will encourage you to connect with nature, take leisurely strolls, and cherish the abundance of life.

The Mist (Blue): Peel back the serene blue mist sticker to immerse yourself in a dreamlike ambiance. Let it inspire moments of introspection and calmness as you take a step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Tiny Dust (Brown): Discover the beauty in simplicity with stickers depicting delicate motifs like falling leaves, tiny pebbles, and quaint country settings. These earthy brown stickers will remind you to find joy in life's little details.

Star Wish (Purple): Gaze upon the magical night sky with stickers showcasing a starlit wonderland. Let these purple-hued stickers be a gentle reminder to make wishes, dream big, and embrace the mysteries of the universe.

The Rose (Pink): Immerse yourself in the elegance of the rose stickers, symbolizing love, grace, and appreciation. Use these pink gems to express gratitude, capture moments of affection, and celebrate the beauty of relationships.

Detail 🕊

Stickers, tiny bursts of joy! They add personality, enhance organization, and spark creativity. Express yourself effortlessly, brighten mundane moments, and transform any surface into a canvas of self-expression.

Transport yourself to a World away with these adorned Color pallets of Whimsical Stickers.

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30mm - 60mm


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