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Botanic Blossoms Earrings

Botanic Blossoms Earrings

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Introducing our Botanic Blossoms Earrings, where every petal tells a story of slow living and intricate craftsmanship. These hand-painted earrings capture the essence of nature in three captivating styles: White Serenity, Pink Blush, and Blue Tranquility.

Immerse yourself in the serene details of White Serenity, where delicate blooms unfold with meticulous strokes, creating an ethereal dance of petals. Each flower is a testament to the artisan's patience and connection with the natural world, embodying the unhurried pace of a tranquil garden.

Pink Blush, The intricate brushwork brings forth the subtle variations of pink, mirroring the delicate hues found in a blossoming garden. These earrings whisper tales of unhurried moments, inviting you to savor the beauty in simplicity.

Enter the realm of Blue Tranquility, where the earrings embody the calmness of a peaceful lake. The hand-painted blue petals reflect the soothing tones of a clear sky, evoking a sense of quiet contemplation. With every stroke, the artisan captures the essence of slow living, encouraging you to appreciate life's small wonders.

Crafted with care, each pair of Botanic Blossoms Earrings is a celebration of the unhurried beauty found in nature. Embrace the slow living lifestyle and adorn yourself with these wearable works of art, where time stands still, and the delicate details of the world unfold in every petal.

Detail 🕊

65mm * 50mm - These are Large Hoops Only the Pink are the Smaller hoops

Material - Stainless Steel

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