The bohemian story

The bohemian story

The bohemian story

The bohemian story is rich of history however as we know it today, it is shown through style and a way of living.

Let me explain. The Present Day.

Many people are practicing this lifestyle for its detached way of living in the busy 21st century, and taking it back to a simpler time. In fact you will see many people downsizing their life and their belongings to even move into a camper to give themself's the freedom of being chained to objects and things. As this hippy lifestyle teaches us, It's about being at one with nature, having a more carefree attitude and learning that you do not have to conform to conventional opinions. 

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Anyone can choose this Bohemian Life, to detach and live in the moment, However we mainly see most hippies are Artists, Actors, Musicians, Writers and Gurus that walk to the beat of their own drum. 


Nya rose Bohemian store shares its quote on its front page, 'Your heart is free' There is no room for a troubled heart when your living the lifestyle that serves your purpose here on earth, and allows you to be free from others opinions and simply go after what you want!

The Bohemian Appearance

We typically see Loose Comfortable Clothing, Freeing & Long hair. There is a lot of fun in mixing different styles and making it your own. In this style you can dress for your opinions or even your moods. If you want up up-cycle or recycle clothing and match it with your current wardrobe, it is seen a lot because it does not describe one look. Your desires for the things you love drive your style as much as your lifestyle. The bohemian fashion really has found its niche within the mainstream market, from many big brands incorporating it into their designs. From Wide flowing Leg pants, printed floral jumpsuits and anything with Tassels is what you can look for. 


This isn't a one size fits all type of deal. This is your love for the bohemian culture to really shine through you. 


Accessories Are typically layered, there definitely isn't a shortage of them. From bright colored bangles, to multiple chains, beads, gold and pearl necklaces. Large hanging Earrings and beautiful handcrafted head scarfs give the free wanderer that enchanted glow. 

Long brown haired bohemian girl with gypsy jewelry

We urge you to Live the lifestyle you dream of, Check out this blog post on how to make small changes each day to living your dream lifestyle. If the bohemian culture teaches us anything its to be Peaceful, Loving and to do exactly what pleases you day in and day out! 

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