What would your dream life look like

What would your dream life look like

How to get your Dream life explained...

As you sit sipping on your frothing cup of coffee and look around. What do you envision for your life?



That’s right, a place that not only feels like home but in every corner , you look, you see a piece of yourself. 

We scroll endlessly on instagram at clothes we love but tell ourselves, .... 'but it wouldn't look good on me'.. 

Pinning what our dream home would look like, but to then look around your own and see. Mine looks NOTHING like what i am pinning. 

But yet we stay the same.. 

We choose to not go after what we truly like.. why is that?

Ok yes, don't get me wrong. A-lot of the time, at least i can speak for myself. it boils down to money. but even then.. I will pick up something from Target, because its cute but it has no relevance to who i want to be.. 

And by who we want to be, i mean YOU. I mean the person that your pinterest is telling you you are, and the things you are liking. So why do we continue to stay on the same path?

Women laying on  macrame hammock over looking palm trees

Take this photo for example.. I love this hammock, and i would love to own it. Nothing is stopping me from buying it! quite literally.... but i don't. I want this photo, i want to take this hammock on my next vacation, tie it up and use it! 


Ive decided to change that Just recently, and i'am going to explain how. 

So, we all have our favorite stores.. Wether you're an online shopper or you have to see it in person, type of person. Marshals, Zara, My favorite by far Nya rose Bohemian store... Well.

Go in there with a purpose. And by that i mean, let's say you see an item of clothing you like. Take your Pinterest out, look through that board you so famously stare at day and and day out. And say, does what i've picked out look anything like the style i wish to have.... Even if you do like it. 

images of clothing from nya rose bohemian store (Pulls out pinterest...)

If it's a NO, it's a GO. And heck, i may even save you some money here on many little $10 here and $10 there items. 


Ive learnt that, yes of course quality of quantity but not just that. Does this item speak Me. Is it my language, is it who i am.


I desperately want to look around my home and feel that every inch of it screams, Bohemian or Minimalist or bright and vibrant ( which ever your style)

I want to look in the mirror without, eshh is this me, does it really suit me. But to be able to open my wardrobe and truly love everything i see in there. 

Because i don't know about ya'll, but i have a lot of clothes that i like... but heck i never wear them! I stick to the same jeans and top, well because its comfortable. And there i am plain Jayne, the person i don't feel i am. 

So with that being said, if you know the style you like. Personally i would avoid shops that do not even match that. Me, i have a few online shops. And that 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 the only shops i will shop at!


But honestly at the beginning it's hard to detach from what you've done for years. And sometimes without having it there in front of you, you think. Yep this suits. You take it home and it looks oddly out of place.


Now building this all up can take time, unless you go for a 1 day shop Haul and change it up. So be patient.

Before you know it, you will be living in who you ARE! and that will speak volumes to your heart. Let your heart be free...

Now i can say, i'm living my dream right.. because i am no longer looking in awe, wishing i could have that style of a home i dream of..  I actively make the choices that fit the style i truly want. 

so.. heck

Just buy the hammock!...

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