When in rome.

When in rome.

When in Rome..

Looking at this picture and dreaming of Rome when actually, Currently i am traveling the flat dry country land of Texas and it got me thinking ... 'where are the flowers' out here??! And i find myself reverting back to Europe and how romantic the settings can be. The charm.

And wondering what makes the place special...


Well many things. The history, the food, the culture of course however everyone by passes the flowers. It is part of the landscape, and what makes it so romantic. Dreamy. 

 Poppys in rome

And so i wanted to look into, what are flowers to you?


Are they a gift, are they something your house needs to feel like a home, is it something that belongs to the wild land.

 Flowers tell as much of a story as the place you are visiting and by giving them the importance they are due its giving birth to my Bohemian story, lifestyle and love. 


Is there a way to find out which flowers are made for you? A bit like your birth stone, is there one that is made for you. Well i think there is. Its your personality, it's your charm and character that will let the flower choose you! 


You know how some people who can see an orb of light around you, It usually tells them what color you are glowing. However this could be said for the flower that you maybe projecting to others... 




Ive made a list below of some flowers and their properties that will attract you or should i say choose you. And if you didn't know, having them around you regardless of real/dried or fake. They are a reminder of how we can represent ourselves, yet most importantly. Connect you to the earth that we live. 


The Daisy - Romantic, White, Yellow, herbal, petite, Classic.

Bohemian Spartacus - Deep red, speckles of yellow, perfectly round, Tall.

The Typha - Aquatic, Linear, Burnt Orange, Modern.

Lavender - Relaxing,Pastel and dark purples, Herbal, sense of smell. 

Lagurus Ovatus - Diverse, Can be multicolored/(painted),contemporary.

This is just a few of the many hundred that could belong to you.

The Typha Below.

So whatever a flower means to you, having it close by can be a great reminder of a place once loved, the natural properties it brings out in you or simply just to make your living space calm.

Surrounding our selfs with them will never make you feel bad. 

 Take This quiz to find out which Flower you are!



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